• Natural Pet Promise: Safe & Effective Holistic products supported by Nature

    At Natural Pet Promise, we understand that pets are more than just animals; they are cherished members of our family. Founded by two passionate and dedicated holistic veterinarians, we've channeled our therapeutic expertise and love for animals into our foundation mission to provide safe and effective products and therapies that are supported by natural ingredients.

  • Diverse Product Range for Diverse Pets:

    Whether you have a playful pup, a curious cat, or an athletic equine , our products are meticulously tested for safety and quality with ingredients that address a multitude of conditions that arise in our beloved companions.

    With effective ear and skin relief that rejuvenates and refreshes, non- toxic and no-sting formulas , skin wipes that offer daily care for sensitive and itchy skin issues, tear stains , yummy chews and crunchy treats that support the coat, joints, digestion, essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics, calming anxiety relief, to urinary and anal gland issues we've got your pets supported-from Nose to Tail!

  • Natural Ingredients, Effective Results:

    With over 30 choices for special needs of your pet, our products are rigorously tested to ensure safe and effective ingredients, and have earned the Seal of Approval and meet the exceptional quality standards of the National Animal Supplement Council.

    It is our promise, with caring hearts and gentle hands and over 40 years of combined holistic veterinary care, to offer safe and effective ingredients supported by nature's medicine. We proudly stand with you in our commitment to your pet's health.

  • Our Holistic Products are Great for Horses!

    Natural Pet Promise products stand out as the premier choice for horse care, embodying the principles of holistic health and natural well-being. Our equine products are specially formulated by holistic veterinarians who understand the unique needs of horses, ensuring each product supports their health naturally. With ingredients sourced from nature, our range offers horses the benefits of pure, chemical-free supplements and care products that enhance their vitality and performance. From joint health to coat shine, our holistic approach addresses various aspects of equine health, promoting a balanced and thriving life for these majestic animals. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability means that not only are our products beneficial for horses, but they also respect the environment. Choosing Natural Pet Promise for your horse ensures they receive the highest standard of care, harmonizing their health with the healing power of nature.